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The trick is to keep breathing.
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What can you say about me Mommy’s cookin’? :-D

#happytummy #nomnom #happyweekend #familyfeast

These beautiful red roses came to my doorstep today. Thank you, javvyy! Happy 40th to us! :-)

Javvyy my love, I tried making one for you but your name isn’t in their database. Haha. Don’t worry, your name will always be in my heart. #cheese

Sharing a coke with my bestie and sister from another mother, @hannahbananawanna :-)

For you and Siopao. :-) @mmsalonga

Snacking on Cheetos Cheddar JalapeƱo while watching catch-up episodes of SUITS.

It’s like eating an actual Carrot Cake. Surprisingly delish! :-D

In love with Sam Smith’s voice. Such a moving performance.

Good morning! Cooked brekkie today! My corned beef ain’t half bad! :-)