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The trick is to keep breathing.
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Baby Erica, your room is almost readyyyyyy. :-)

Not all that you lose is a loss.

Crunchy and Creamy Cookie Butter. #justcause #thankyoumickey

Annika is going to be one happy birthday girl with these goodies. Yay!!! :)

To all my friends, readers, classmates, everyone… Please follow @muuunchinita on Instagram. They sell a wide variety of imported good from the US, Australia, Japan and the UK.

#happiness #happybirthdayannika

Off to school with Fortuner. Please please please let there be no traffic. :-/

I am Ruth. :-D

Take the quiz here.

Happy Birthday, Mikee! Love you! Mwah. :-*

Happy Birthday, Mikee! Love you! Mwah. :-*